Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot log in and I'm getting an error message saying " concurrent users limit warning".
The number of users is set and when this has been exceeded you will see this error message. Please ensure you always log out of any session using the log out button as opposed to closing your browser as this may cause problems when you wish to login again.
Why are only some titles ticked when I log in to my account?
The titles you have access to will have a green tick.
What browser should I be using when viewing
We recommend using any of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.
What are the best screen settings for my computer so I can view the content on properly?
To view this site correctly the recommended screen settings are 1152 x 864 and minimum screen settings are 1024 x 768.
Movies won't open or links seem to be broken.

Much of our content, such as movies or slides, opens in "pop-up" windows.

Your browser may be configured to block pop-up windows. For the site to work properly, you need to tell your browser to allow pop-ups for (or

Pop-up blockers can also be found in other software - for example, the Google Toolbar, Yahoo toolbar, Outlook toolbar, or other internet or privacy software such as software firewalls, anti-spyware or ad-blockers.

Below is a guide to changing pop-up blocker settings in popular browsers:

Internet Explorer: Under "Tools" in the menu toolbar, choose "Popup Blocker", Choose "Popup Blocker Settings" and enter and/or

Mozilla Firefox: Under "Tools" in the toolbar choose "Options" and click "Web Features" in the left hand column. If the "Block Popup Windows" option is clicked, Click the "Allowed sites" button and enter and/or in the textbox and click allow.

Google toolbar: Click on the "X popups blocked" button. This will allow popups for the site you are currently in.

Yahoo toolbar: Click on the Popup blocker button (next to "search web" button). Choose "Always allow popups from" from the menu. Highlight and click "Allow". Click OK to "always allow popups from this site".

Which movie players can I use?

All our movies/animations can be played with either Windows Media player or Quicktime player

Almost all Windows PCs have Windows Media player installed at the factory.

All Apple Macs have the Quicktime player installed at the factory.

You can download Quicktime for PC or Mac from

AOL browser users have problems accessing content.

The current AOL browser does not work well with the site.

The site will work normally if you use the built-in browser for your computer (e.g. Internet Explorer) or any other browser you might have installed, such as Firefox.

My question isn't listed here.
Email with details of the problem. Information about the browser version you are using (eg Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 7.2 etc) and the operating system (e.g. Windows XP, Mac OS 10.4 etc) will help us to find a solution more quickly.
How do I use
How to use Atv